"It was HE who gave some to be APOSTLES, PROPHETS, EVANGELISTS,PASTORS and
TEACHERS, to prepare God's people  for works of service..."    Ephesians 4:11,12a NIV
of Hall Issachar Ministries, Inc. (HIM, Inc.).  It was
launched in June of 2004 by Apostle Jonathan &
Lady Donna Hall, co-founders and Directors of
HIM, Inc. KingdomBread is simply
"Giving life to
world better by serving a "real" Jesus Christ to
those who are hungry for life.
 KingdomBread is
a practical end-time paradigmatic apostolic
ministry that is currently developing venues
consisting of   1)
On line Resource Center at
kingdombread.spreadtheword.com; 2)Spiritual
Life Coaching
; 3) Publishing services to assist
self-publishers and blooming authors

KingdomBread Publishing House); and 4) Media
Outreach ministries
via radio(The Secret Place,
WBGX 1570AM); television (Can You Repeat
That? on YouTube
) and the internet. Both
Apostle Jonathan & Lady Donna are licensed
ordained ministers of the Church of God
Reformation Movement (Anderson, Indiana.)
They are a dynamic, loving and
devoted,kingdom-minded couple
sold-out to Jesus. They are in
demand as speakers, mentors and
teachers around the globe. God
has anointed and appointed them
to serve as gap standers and
bridge builders throughout their
family, church, community and the world.
Our Focus
The Heart of

Our Faith
The pure and
ever-living Word of
God and the
teachings and
commands of our
Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.

Our Force
manifested The
power and
presence of the
triune God: God
the Father, God
the Son, and
God the Holy
a branch of Hall Issachar Ministries, Inc.--708.895.6630                                                        
Rev. Jonathan has been gifted with a shepherd's heart and flows in
Apostolic mantles of discipleship, administration, teaching, human resource
gifts of wisdom and administration have impacted the secular world also
where he wrote and published the Modem Training Manual for one of the
Rev. Jonathan has been gifted with a shepherd's heart and flows in world's
leading Data Communications organization in the evolution of modem
technology.  He also holds entrepreneurial success having earned Director
level status as an Independent Associate of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
level status as an Independent Associate of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
subsidiaries, Ada, Oklahoma. Rev. Jonathan currently serves as the
Chairman of the Chicagoland Area Ministers Fellowship of the Church of God
where he oversees and executes the kingdom vision for churches throughout
Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.  He also serves faithfully as the
Executive Pastor and Administrator of the Vernon Park Church of God in
Chicago, Illinois and is the President and CEO of Hall Issachar Ministries, Inc
(HIM, Inc.) which he and his wife founded in 1999.
Rev. Donna stands in the office of the prophet, tempered with the pastoral gifts of
shepherding, teaching, wisdom, facilitating and administration.  She has a dynamic
ministry in music and prophecy. She is a "mover and a shaker". Her
transcendingministry to women and girls of all ages, races and denominations and
has been blessed to minister both nationally and internationally as a spiritual life
coach, fellowship coordinator, revivalists, worship leader, psalmists, and
conference leader.   Lady Donna flows in the gifts of spiritual discernment, word of
knowledge and the word of wisdom. She has a vibrant and thriving internet ministry
Assistant in Chicagoland Area Ministers Fellowship. Lady Donna worships at the
Vernon Park Church of God in Chicago, Illinois, where she currently serves as the
Minister of Music & Worship Arts, the Discipleship Adult Sunday School Teacher,
She is the Founder of SLIP Inc. (
SistahsLinkingInPurpose),a female mentoring
fellowship and also the Vice President and co-founder of Hall Issachar Ministries,
Inc. (HIM, Inc.) which she and her husband founded in 1999.